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We provide an individualized learning environment where children achieve their skills to the highest potential, and develop a love for learning.


1. Montessori Trained, Experienced, Friendly, Enthusiastic, Passionate Staff.

2. Over 100 Years Tested Montessori Curriculum.

3. Above State-Standard Student to Faculty Ratios.

4. Affordable Tuition for Superior Education.

 5. Advanced Security Entry Cameras to ensure the Safety of Each Child and Teacher. 

6. The School's interior is cloaked in all natural wood Montessori materials from Neinhaus, Holland. 

7. Our all natural environment is complimented with a soft and attractive organic yellow paint that surrounds the children as they use our spread of unique Montessori and STEM learning materials. 


Learning Minds Montessori is an independent private Montessori school located in the core of sunny, downtown Orlando, Florida. We are licensed by the Department of Children and Families and our student-teacher ratios are above the state's standards. We believe that children, especially the primary ages from birth to six-years-old, learn the best in small, warm settings. That is why we have made a complete and conscious effort to keep our total capacity to a small group setting, ensuring that each child gets the attention and care they need to learn and create. We welcome a multi-cultural community of families and are committed to fostering diversity in all the areas of our Montessori program. 

Our Montessori curriculum is based on the education philosophy of Maria Montessori, which is a child-centered approach based on scientific observation of the child's learning behavior from youth to adulthood. Our lead Montessori instructor is AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) certified. AMI is the most prestigious training program founded by Maria Montessori, and is recognized worldwide for its excellence and authenticity. At Learning Minds Montessori, we value the idea that each child is individualistic and naturally eager for knowledge, and that each child is capable of initiating creative learning when put in a nurturing and supportive learning environment. We feel proud to be able to bring this principal of learning that has been tested and used for over 100 years and practiced throughout multiple cultures, to your family and community. 

Parent Reviews

My almost 3 year old son is completely in love with his new school, Learning Minds Montessori. I can’t believe the gem this place is. It just opened last week and the love, care and personal attention he receives there is startling. The materials are phenomenal and the teachers’ expertise in child development is apparent in everything they say, do and how they interact with the kids. In the short three days he has attended, his maturity, independence and skills have blossomed. I’m so grateful for Learning Minds Montessori. It’s the perfect first school experience for our active and oh-so inquisitive little guy. ❤️

I love getting texts with updates and pics of him throughout the day. So much care!
— Chimene H.
So much thought has gone into every part of this school and program. They go above and beyond standards. The environment is clean comfortable and very welcoming. The teachers are very kind, aware, and have a strong passion for building children.

Thank you, you’re doing great!
— Trista P.
Sumera and her staff are incredible. My son loves the school and learns so much through their Montessori teachings. Would highly recommend for any parent with a 2-6 year old.
— Brian Q.

Business Information

Phone Number: (407) 613-5657
Email Address: learningmindsmont@gmail.com
Address: 2116 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL, 32806
Hours: Open Mon - Fri, 7 A.M - 6 P.M
Offering 5 Day, 3 Day, 2 Day Programs for Children Ages 2-6 Years Old

LIC# C09OR1003